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Reducing Fasteners and Assembly Costs with Extruded Features

Aluminum extrusion offers product design key advantages inherent in the flexibility of the process to reduce fastener and assembly costs as illustrated in the Alex-Cube business card holder.

Snap Fit Assemblies

A “snap-fit” joint (O) is one that is self-locking and requires no additional fasteners to hold the joint together. Several rolled shapes, riveted together, can be replaced by a single half moon snap fit (F), resulting in high strength while eliminating joining costs.

Hinged Assemblies

The cross-section of the components of a hinge joint (B) have ball and socket shapes that allow them to rotate without separating. Hinge action through 60 to 90 degrees is easy to obtain; incorporating adequate reinforcement, hinge joints may be designed to rotate beyond 90 degrees. Designing an appropriate hinged design frequently can eliminate welded assemblies and reduce cost while both strength and accuracy are increased.

Slide Fit Assemblies

The joining of aluminum extrusions can also be accomplished by designing a slide fit (Q) or telescoping assembly, which properly balances the advantage of lightweight material and ease of positioning. It also encompasses the need for rigid, straight standards, while allowing for the extruded part to accept color with different anodizing options.

Alexandria Industries offers an in-depth aluminum extrusion education seminar at your site where we can show your designers and engineers different aluminum extrusion design options, cost drivers, and benefits. Contact your sales specialist if you want to discuss your product design needs or to learn more about our education seminars.