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Quick Response Manufacturing

QRM: Not Just Another Buzzword

Essentially, QRM relentlessly pursues the reduction of lead time in all aspects of an organization. However, to gain more insight, it is useful to address the definition of QRM in two contexts: externally (as perceived by its customers) and internally (in terms of its implications for organizational policies). Externally, QRM means responding to customers' needs by rapidly designing and manufacturing products customized to those needs.

QRM goes beyond the established goals and even the capabilities of JIT. Equally important is what QRM means internally to an organization. While JIT (or lean manufacturing) focuses on the continuous improvement of eliminating non-value-added waste to improve quality and reduce cost, QRM focuses on the relentless pursuit of reducing lead times throughout an operation to improve quality, reduce cost, and eliminate non-value-added waste.

The QRM Philosophy - Today's business climate is fast paced, and that, in fact is one of the drivers of the need for QRM. We have implemented 10 QRM principles that enable us to stay competitive within our marketplace and allow customers to purchase high quality products with minimal lead times compared to the industry norm.

How QRM Was Implemented At Alexandria Industries - Our implementation of QRM was a complex project that resulted in a wonderful success story. This allows us to do things that our competitors cannot.

Our QRM Newsletters - Sharing information is something we do well at Alexandria Industries. These beneficial newsletters will provide insight into implementation, maintenance, and other helpful tips as it relates to QRM.

"Alexandria Industries has been an outstanding vendor, with outstanding service. As a new buyer within our organization, I have found Alexandria's expertise and quick response time to be immensely valuable."  

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