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Ideal solutions for aluminum forming

Aluminum Stretch Forming and Bending

One of the many customized aluminum extrusion fabrication services Alexandria Industries provides our customers is precision stretch forming and bending.

The types of different bending and stretch forming methods will deliver different results. We help our customers understand the differences and provide valuable input on the best bending or forming solution for their product – all while retaining some of the industry's tighest tolerances.

Stretch Forming

Stretch forming your aluminum extrusions is common for a variety of product applications. Here are just a few:

  • Marine industry: boat gunnels, windshields and structural components
  • stretch forming aluminumMedical industry: c arms for electro medical imaging machines
  • Aerospace: structural and architectural component applications
  • Automotive: structural and decorative components

Our fully programmable 32-ton stretch former is capable of forming curved aluminum parts as long as 288 inches. If this sounds like a solution to meet your product development needs, please contact us for more information.


From simple tube bending to the more complex custom extrusion bending, our ability to bend materials to provide the curved or bent aluminum shapes you need is one way we offer greater value to you. Our programmable rotary benders and push benders make it possible for us to provide uniquely formed extrusions that allow you to you create innovative products.

If bending or stretch forming sounds like a viable solution for your product development challenges, please contact us. Or, for more detailed information on stretch forming and bending, see our white paper on Aluminum Stretch Forming and Bending.

"Other suppliers who quoted the same job talked about tolerances, but Alexandria was the only one to provide marked-up prints with specific tolerance. This was key in finishing the design and making the extrusion fit with mating components."

LED Component Engineering Manager
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