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Expanding your options

A Unique Benefit

Molding polyurethane provides the flexibility to design in properties that are nearly impossible to capture with other materials and substrates. foam moldingPlus, it can provide improvements in cost performance and solutions to many advanced engineering properties. Polyurethanes combine many unique benefits of widely used materials such as plastics, metals and durable ceramics with the flexibility and functionality to form much like commonly known rubber materials.

Low Tooling Costs

The polyurethane molding process offers low tooling costs compared to other competitive processes. Tools can be as simple as prefabricated plywood shapes to more sturdy materials such as 6000 series aluminum plate. Any way you look at it, it's tooling that is affordable with lead times that can't even be compared.

Polyurethane molded products can be designed to have a hardness of 10-15A, similar to a pencil eraser or as hard as 90D, similar to a golf ball. Whatever your need is, we can develop a specific formula to meet your components functional and aesthetic requirements.

Benefits of Polyurethane

  • Resists a wide range of substances such as oil, grease and other chemicals.
  • Bonds to a wide variety of other materials, including over-molding of different substrates.
  • Great material for noise reduction.
  • Large range of resiliency.
  • Extreme flex applications and resists cracking or splitting.
  • Durable in low temperature environments and resistant to thermal shock.
  • Resistant to impact. Polyurethane molding was originally developed to replace other materials which could not stand up to high impact situations.


  • Dekker Foam Molding Machine 10-12 lb./cubic foot foam densities
  • Carousel system for multi-mold set-up and processing
  • Temperature controlled holding tanks
  • Pre-set shot size, depending on size of mold/part volume

Give us a call today, if you have a component that can benefit from expansion foam molding.

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