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Precision Machining at its finest

Extensive Equipment and Expert Machinists

At Alexandria Industries, our extensive list of equipment and machining expertise brings value to those whose products require precise details to complete their complex component manufacturing needs.

Materials Machined

Low/High Carbon Steels, Alloy Steels, Stainless Steels, Aluminum, Brass/Bronzes, Gray/Ductile Irons, and Plastics.

Forming Processes

Aluminum extrusions, bar stock, sand cast, die cast, forgings, investment cast, and permanent mold.

Machining Equipment

Our staff understands our capabilities, as well as our extensive list of CNC precision machining equipment. You can rest assured that the equipment we use for your components are the best ones for the job. From our 4th and 5th axis machines, to our vertical machining centers, each one is selected specifically to be the most cost effective and precise solution for your fabricating needs.

Aluminium extrusionWe also offer turning, grinding, hobbing, honing, broaching, and punching machining services, to complete your component solutions.

If you need a specific service that is not listed on our website, please give us a call. Our experts have resources at their fingertips. With nearly 50 years experience, an expansive list of equipment, and a resourceful and positive attitude, we will find solutions to fit your needs.

"Recently we moved a large machining job to your location. Your staff was very helpful in getting this project in process and completing the first run. Thank you for all of your help. I look forward to a growing business partnership."

Senior Procurement Staff Manager
Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer