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Finishing – Other

We know your component finishing needs sometimes go beyond, or in addition to, our traditional chemical and mechanical finishing services. This is why we offer other finishing techniques that help take your manufactured component from raw material to a final finished product.

Laser Etch and Laser Engrave

These finishing processes are usually described as removing material to leave a mark on an object. It's important to note that laser etching or engraving may include a color change caused by an altercation of your component's material. Opposite of applying ink, this process uses lasers to remove material to brand, label, or mark your product components.

Heat Treating

We use heat treating to alter the physical and sometimes chemical properties of a material based on your products' end use. Metallurgical heating (or chilling) of materials are common product manufacturing processes that serve as an efficient way to harden, strengthen or toughen a product's physical properties.

To ensure your success, make sure your manufacturing supplier is fully aware of your product's application needs to attain the best possible results.

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