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Unpredictable Forecast Changes

August 27, 2018
alexandria industries, annual forecast

Manufacturing suppliers will typically request an annual forecast from their customers. While this process takes time, suppliers absolutely need this information to ensure they have the capacity and production wherewithal to meet your product manufacturing needs throughout the year. They use the information to determine their materials, equipment and workforce requirements. But what...

What’s the Big Idea?

May 31, 2017

If everything you try works, you are not trying enough ideas. Naturally, we are inclined to talk about our success stories, rather than our failures. But it can be in our failures where we discover the next great idea. Searching for opportunities to make process improvements is at the heart of what we do at Alexandria Industries. Whether we recommend a new alloy for ease of...

Fishing for Success

February 16, 2017

The best way to get new business is by word of mouth – hook, line and sinker. Recently, a manufacturer’s tool builder told him that it would be impossible to make the plastic-injection mold for his fishing lures to meet the product design’s requirements. After losing an entire season of sales due to the tool builder’s delay in getting the mold to work properly, the...

All About our Customers

May 1, 2015

Nothing is more important than hearing from our customers. The relationships we develop are built on the foundation of open communication. In fact, one of our first pieces of communication we send our new customers is our commitment to do everything within our power to bring value to you and your company. It is here where we commit to: Sharing our expertise to ensure the health and...

The Value of Education

February 1, 2015

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin We do not measure the value of the education we offer our customers by an increase in sales and gross profit margins. We measure it in terms of if we help them improve their understanding in how to design great products. This is why we invest our time and money to travel around the country to help educate...

Setting the Stage

November 1, 2014

We arrive at the concert arena. We find our seats. The lights dim and the arena fills with a deafening roar of voices. Music begins to ring in. We have waited months to see our favorite band. From the Rolling Stones to One Republic, in the music industry, stars perform at a variety of venues. From a roving Mick Jagger to the tightly choreographed dance moves of Beyoncé, a safe and...

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