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Our History

Alexandria Industries was founded in 1966 as Alexandria Extrusion Company. Throughout our history, we have been known for innovative thinking, creative product development, and making a difference for our employees, our customers and our communities.

We have made industry-significant advancements by pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished with aluminum extrusions. Over the years, we have added complementary manufacturing services, such as precision machining, fabrication, plastic injection molding and welding. We continue to challenge the status quo to create innovative product designs and manufacturing solutions unmatched by others in our industry.

We also continue to invest in growing the skills of our employees, achieving industry certifications, and serving the communities where we live and work.

Throughout our history, we thrive on reaching beyond the edge of what is possible in manufacturing. We will continue to push the limits of possibility, doing our best to lead our industry and serve our customers.

See our corporate fact sheet for a high level of current details about Alexandria Industries.


In late 2018, Alexandria Industries officially acquire Alexandria Plastics. This service has become a key part of the company’s ability to provide customers with a multifaceted manufacturing approach to product design and development.

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Alexandria Extrusion Company was established in 1966. Soon after opening our business, we began offering value-added services, such as machining, fabrication, anodizing and assembly to our aluminum extrusion capabilities. We strategically planned each step along the way with our customers’ benefits in mind. Through the relentless pursuit to satisfy our customers and solve their supply…

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Since 1972, Doege Precision Machining has provided precision CNC milling, turning, honing, and assembly services, using a wide variety of materials and shapes. These services included full engineering and manufacturing support during new product development, including casting, forging and extrusion design. From design to prototypes through high volume production, Doege Precision Machining has always been…

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As an innovative supplier of heat sinks, custom-fabricated aluminum extrusions and machined prototypes, M&M Metals has served countless electronics manufacturers since 1974. Later, it developed into a global supplier of advanced engineering support for thermal application designs, short run orders, and timely deliveries of stocked common heatsink profile configurations for high volume production requirements. M&M…

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Established in 1992, Wheaton Plastics brings years of product development experience, valuable process knowledge and an excellent understanding of how to choose the most effective material composition for plastic injection and foam molded products. The company now operates under Alexandria Plastics, a key part of Alexandria Industries.

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Listening to our customers, we learned many were searching for a supplier with injection molding capabilities who could meet more of their product development and manufacturing needs. In 2007, we established an alliance with Wheaton Plastics, now Alexandria Plastics, to provide our customers with the opportunity to supply their diverse product needs through a single source. In 2007,…

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In 2008, we acquired Doege Precision Machining and M&M Metals to further consolidate our services to meet the diverse needs of our customers. A single call to any of the Alexandria Industries businesses provides access to a collective scope of services and products, simplifying their supply chain management.

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Alexandria Welding Alexandria Industries purchased Alexandria Welding & Manufacturing Co. in 2012. Located in in west-central Minnesota, the company is now known as Alexandria Welding and offers tungsten inert gas (TIG) and metal inert gas (MIG) welding services. This further simplifies our customers’ supply chain needs. For OEMs who struggle to find welding services, our expert welders…

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