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Faith at work

Partnering with Faith-based Community Organizations

Faith is one of our values, and a cornerstone in how we do business. When we leverage our faith as a resource to do good work, the benefits it can bring to others are limitless.

Recently, our Carrollton, Texas, facility connected with a faith-based organization called Faith At Work. This non-profit organization’s mission is to match unemployed/under-employed individuals with businesses that are interested in offering an internship, short-term or permanent employment opportunity. This organization provides services for individuals impacted by incarceration, homelessness, and/or economic hardship.


Faith At Work, and its ministry partners, meets an acute need for gainful employment for these individuals. This serves as a building block to free people to become all that God intends and provides a pathway to integration back into their communities. This is “development” rather than “relief,” a “hand up” instead of a “handout.”

Faith At Work provides the individuals with a means to necessary income to support a new lifestyle, with the intention to lessen the potential of returning to their old way of life.

For Alexandria Industries, our partnership with the Faith At Work organization offers us all the opportunity to form a valued relationship with each other and the workers, rather than simply providing jobs. In return, candidates need to be able to do the work, come to work every day, be on time and have values that align with ours.

A recent employee who came to work at our facility through this opportunity is not only surviving in their new lifestyle choice, but also is thriving. Through purposeful work, growing their skills, and learning that simple accomplishments such as these are worth more than their weight in gold. These life lessons are certainly better than the alternative, previous lifestyle that took this person down a different path.

This partnership is a blessing to everyone. It provides a feeling of accomplishment. With organizations like Faith At Work, and the local ministry partners it works with, Alexandria Industries has discovered another way to live out our faith value and unite with the communities where we live and work.