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4 Steps to Create New Product Ideas

Simplify the way you create new product ideas.

Step 1.  Get out the napkins and markers.
You have an idea just waiting to be developed. Well, what's holding you back?

Step 2.  You do not need to do it alone.
Talk with individuals and experts that manufacture products every day. The insight they can bring to your product development, could save you time and money.

Step 3.  Get going.
Locate a resource to create a CAD drawing of your new product. Good options for this could be found through a local engineering firm. Then prepare a list of key points a manufacturing supplier will need to understand about your product requirements. (For example: Are there mating parts? Have you considered the finishing needs for your component? Will you need assembly services?)

Step 4.  Carefully select the right partner.
If your selected partner doesn't understand your product needs completely, we'd suggest that you repeat step 3.

Now that you have went through the initial thought process, let's start creating. Call Alexandria Industries to begin forming a partnership you will be proud of.

Projects we've helped our customers create

Aluminum Clamp

Aluminum Housing

Aluminum Coupling

Aluminum Guide Block

Cleaning Rod Guide

Aluminum Ejector Handle

Plastic Injection Molding End Cap

Aluminum Piston Cylinder

Custom Aluminum Shape

Aluminum Spool Guide

Aluminum Shelf Latch

Injection Molded Component

Aluminum Mounting Block

Aluminum Bracket

Upper Receiver

Aluminum Heatsink

Aluminum Heat Sink

Aluminum Handle

"When we connected with Alexandria Industries, the manufacturer’s sales representative personally took the time to travel to our facility to truly understand our company and how we operate. Alexandria Industries was not just looking to make a quick sale. The company’s priority was focused on building a long-term relationship with us."

Aaron Cass - Chief Executive Officer