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Design Options for Aluminum Extrusions

Design options for extrusions are something many don't consider.

Looking for new ideas?
Looking for more freedom in your designs?
Looking to reduce costs?

Our Alex-Cube die drawing illustrates ideas that provide solutions for many of these questions. Consider the versatility of the aluminum extrusion process for your next new design or redesign project.

Our other white papers delve deeper into:

  1. Extruded features to improve aesthetics
  2. Reducing fastener and assembly cost with extruded features
  3. The benefits and costs of various mechanical and chemical finishes
  4. In the aluminum extrusion process: How thin is thin wall? How tight is tight tolerance?

If you have a current need or question, please do not hesitate to read-up on additional solutions. If you would like to discuss your designing needs, please contact one of our sales specialists.