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Community Spotlight: Fishing For the Cure

KIK-FM Radio | February 13, 2023

Alexandria Industries' Nancy Waldorf and Robbie Betterman go live on KIK-FM radio with DJs Kris and Chelsea to talk about the 16th Annual Fishing For the Cure Ice Fishing Challenge and what this special event is all about and how important it is to our...

Alexandria's New Aluminum Extrusion Press Line

Light Metal Age | August 16, 2021
Alexandria Industries New Aluminum Extrusion Press Line

Alexandria Industries completed an investment project at its operations in Alexandria, MN, where the company has expanded its manufacturing space, installed a new 7 inch, 26 MN front-loading extrusion press line with advanced automation capabilities, and added a new front office and entry. The new press line allows the company to increase its capacity and extrude harder alloys,...

Values Play: Alexandria Industries Meets Labor Shortage The Hard Way

Chief Executive Magazine | February 2, 2021
Alexandria Industries Hires on Values

The pandemic came and may be on its way out soon, but it didn’t change one fundamental thing for Alexandria Industries: The company needs more workers, and needs them badly. So CEO Tom Schabel is trying to navigate Alexandria’s shortage of labor while keeping some other important things in mind, too. “I’m spending every waking moment trying to figure out how to satisfy...

COVID-19 and the Manufacturing Worker Shortage

Manufacturing Engineering ( | January 29, 2021
Alexandria Industries workforce shortage in manufacturing

We need no reminder that 2020 was shockingly different from any year we have experienced before. Each of us could probably name several struggles we’ve endured. For those of us in the manufacturing industry, however, this challenging time has generated opportunities to resolve our ongoing worker shortage...

Supplier Financial Health Check Part III: Now is the time for manufacturers to reshore

The FABRICATOR | June 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on many manufacturers’ supply chains as global borders closed and shipments slowed. Now that U.S. consumers are realizing the true value of domestically manufactured products, OEMs have the opportunity to reshore their products with U.S. suppliers while also attracting consumers looking for U.S.-made goods. This article is part of a three-part...

Supplier Financial Health Check, Part II: Supply Chain Clairvoyance a Must for Manufacturers

The FABRICATOR | June 23, 2020
Alexandria Industries, aluminum extrusion, aluminum extruder, machining, fabricating

The manufacturing supply chain will continue to evolve during and after the coronavirus pandemic. Now is the perfect time for manufacturers to evaluate suppliers to ensure they can meet production needs when COVID-19 has passed. This article is part of a three-part series about checking your supplier's business health. See Part I here: Supplier financial health check, Part 1:...

From Industrial Widgets to Hospital Goods: COVID-19 Forces Minnesota Factories to Pivot

Star Tribune | June 8, 2020

From Industrial Widgets to Hospital Goods: COVID-19 Forces Minnesota Factories to Pivot. Reporter Dee DePass shares stories about Minnesota manufacturers, including Alexandria Industries, in this article about how, Industrial factories statewide have shifted into hospital mode, saving jobs in the...

Engineering For Success

Aluminium International Today | May 30, 2020
Alexandria Industries, Aluminum Extrusion, Dimensioning and Tolerance

Five tips to use dimensioning and tolerance in the design stage. In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, it can be difficult to set aside time to define tolerances for a new aluminium extruded component design. Pressed for time, OEM design engineers often default to title block tolerances. This might save a little time, but it risks adding unnecessary cost to the part due to...

Supplier Financial Health Check, Part 1: Manufacturers Must be Careful During COVID-19 Crisis

The FABRICATOR | May 29, 2020

COVID-19 has exposed weak links in the global supply chain, and product manufacturers are taking notice. As the virus runs its course, many manufacturers will likely have suppliers that do not survive. Being confident in your suppliers’ stability needs to be more than a gut-check today. You will need to dig in and conduct your due diligence to understand your suppliers’ financial...

Alexandria Industries Raises $75,000 for Relay for Life

Voice of Alexandria | February 20, 2020
Alexandria Industries Fishing For the Cure

The organizers of the Alexandria Industries’ Fishing For the Cure Ice Fishing Challenge raised a whopping $75,000 for Relay for Life of Douglas County. Patty Hoffman says they also had record-breaking attendance with 1,436 entry ticket holders. The event was held out on Smith Lake near Nelson on Saturday February 15th. This is the 14th annual fundraising fishing event that Alexandria...

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