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Douglas County Car Care Program

Nice Ride

While not a record, this winter will surFree-Car-Donationely be one to compare to for the coldest in history! During this time of year especially, we understand the importance of having a car to get to work, or a doctor’s appointment, or to the grocery store. This is why when the Douglas County Car Care Program (DCCCP) approached us and requested a donation, we were glad to help the non-profit organization provide reliable transportation to someone in need.

In late December, we had the honor of handing a local resident the keys to her free car from the DCCCP. The recipient of the car was a hardworking individual who shares her home with two relatives who also were in need of reliable transportation.

The DCCCP receives donated cars, fixes them and then gives them away. If someone owns a car, but cannot afford the costs to repair it, DCCCP will fix it for them at no cost. In 2013, the non-profit received 39 donated cars, gave away 20, sold 16, and repaired 92. On top of that, local service techs volunteered 1,344 hours of their time to do the repairs.

When we show compassion – one of our corporate values – we can make a difference in the lives of others who need a helping hand. We were happy to donate to such a great cause. More importantly, we were thrilled to hand the keys to someone who very much needed reliable transportation so she could get to work for her new job.