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Plastic – The Other Material


A customer came to us with a problem regarding a component they were getting from another supplier. The product team asked for our ideas on ways to prevent the part from breaking, while keeping within their target pricing for the replacement part.

We found that the component – used in a product made for handicap accessibility – was breaking due to the material choice. Our engineering team worked with the customer to understand product usage, and then selected a suitable plastic material for its strength, durability and flexibility.

Since the redesign, there has not been one failure in the field. The customer is ecstatic with the quality and finish of the new part. The material's UV protection will increase the product's life and it is a better color match to the mating components. The redesign will aid in setting it apart among other industry products, driving up sales for the customer.

To the customer’s delight, our experts were able to make a better plastic product at a cost that was 15 percent lower than the customer’s target price.

By taking time to learn about our customer’s problems, we were able to make improvements and build a better product. All it took was listening to the customer, working with them and being open to recommendations. Together, we developed a solution that brought down the cost and resolved the issue. Just like that! Problem solved!