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Adapting to a new normal

You may have noticed the majority of aluminum extruders across the country are experiencing strained capacity over the past year. We too are experiencing the increased demand within our own facilities, and see the trend remaining strong into the near future. This seems to be the new normal.

To adapt to the higher demand and serve our customers to the best of our abilities, we are taking steps to not only increase our manufacturing capabilities and add capacity, but also to improve our production efficiencies and accurately plan for the future needs of our customers.

Some of our recent actions include:

  • Adding 38,000 square feet of manufacturing space and new equipment at our Alexandria facility
  • Upgrading our extrusion press equipment at our Indianapolis location
  • Evaluating and investing in additional automation and robotics throughout all of our facilities
  • Adding employees and work shifts
  • Continuing to develop customized training programs to further develop the skills of our employees

We also took forecasting for 2016 to a new level by asking customers for more detailed information about their planned production needs and new product ramp-up schedules. By getting accurate and timely forecasts, we are striving to better adapt to your needs and anticipate any seasonal spikes that may occur.

How can you help?
You can continue to help us by sharing – with as much advance notice as possible – your near and long-term production needs. This will provide us with the information we need to better manage our capacity.

It is also helpful to get us involved as early as possible in new product development projects. This can help us avoid capacity issues and ensure availability of raw materials. Many times, as a bonus, it can also improve designing for manufacturability, and remove costs from your product design, where possible.

With all of us doing what we can, and committing to open and regular communication, we will do our very best to help our customers get their products to market first.

Thank you to our customers for your patience and your commitment to Alexandria Industries. We will remain committed to you and your organization’s needs, now and into the future.