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Acts of Kindness

Why do we care so much about the people we work with? Maybe it’s because we spend more time with our co-workers than we do with our families. Or maybe it’s simply because we value the well-being of others and this is who we truly are.

We don’t really need to know why, do we? We just know that our employees truly do care about each other by doing so many things to help those in need.

Lately, it seems like more people are experiencing some rough patches with medical issues, and others are dealing with the loss of loved ones. True to their nature of caring about others, our employees are stepping up to help. Here are just a few of the acts of kindness that have reached the hearts and homes of those who needed help.

  • Coworkers prepared meals for employees dealing with cancer to help their families save time. They also collected money to help ease life’s strains while their colleagues are fighting these courageous battles.
  • They have jumped at the chance to assist with home projects, so that those who were sick can focus on getting well. A group of employees made a wheelchair ramp leading into the home of an employee who was in a terrible car accident. Another group finished priming and painting the garage for the family of a co-worker who was diagnosed with terminal cancer.
  • Employees donated household items and basic living supplies to help a co-worker’s family who experienced a terrible house fire.
  • For people who require extended hospital stays or medical leave, employees make “Blessing Bags” that include a prayer book, bottles of water, and snacks.
  • Our prayer team prays for all who ask. The team prays for anyone – employees, customers, friends and loved ones – who is struggling with a difficult challenge, or experiencing a crisis.
  • Employees donate their own PTO hours to colleagues who are dealing with a major life issue and need more time away from work.
  • For someone who has lost a loved one, employees contribute to a fund where the money donated is used to purchase a floral arrangement or help with unexpected expenses.

We don’t have to ask anyone to do these things. Our employees just give. A LOT!

We can tell you our employees are “people making a difference,” but seeing what they do to help others shows just how much of a difference they make