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Making an Industry Difference

Nearly 40 years of service

The Aluminum Extruders Council (AEC), is an international association dedicated to advancing the use of aluminum extrusions as the preferred material process for better products. The AEC provides comprehensive information about the characteristics, applications and environmental benefits of aluminum, as well as the design and technology of aluminum extrusions. Since 1950, its efforts have helped manufacturers, engineers and others understand the many benefits of aluminum extrusions, as well as work through the manufacturing challenges that arise when working with aluminum extrusions. The non-profit organization provides invaluable networking opportunities for industry peers and suppliers.

Alexandria Industries is completely committed to this organization and has been heavily involved in the AEC for nearly 40 years. We are proud to have our experts serve in leadership roles and on numerous committees.

Our employees have participated on numerous committees, including: marketing, engineered products, new markets, business information, extrusion technology seminars, technical services, safety, industry promotion, solar, emerging market and energy, and the die committee, as well as the surveys and reports, supplier task force and automotive industry promotion team. We have also served as webinar advisory leaders.

Many of us at Alexandria Industries have gladly contributed time and knowledge to set standards, establish best practices, and lead the way in developing new technologies and applications.

We are grateful to have the opportunity to work with the AEC on making a difference in the aluminum extrusion industry and striving for innovation.


Roger Klug was a volunteer on the Die Committee from 1977 until last year – 36 years!  We believe Roger holds the record for the longest running volunteer on any AEC committee.