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More Than Words

Guiding Our Actions

valuesIn 2011, we developed our Five Year Vision, a months-long process to develop a plan for our growth and longevity. Our Vision includes a roadmap focused on acquisitions, new offerings and initiatives, along with core values that govern the heartbeat of Alexandria Industries. As an integral part of our Vision, our core values are the principles that guide our actions every day. Because personal interpretation of values can vary widely, we've defined what they mean to us as an organization. We then share them with everyone at Alexandria Industries with the expectation that their actions support these values.

To reinforce living our values, the majority of internal staff meetings start with capturing ways employees have seen our values lived at work, as well as discussing areas where we are actively working toward our Vision. This helps keep everyone focused on our goals and ensures we are all working for great things to happen at Alexandria Industries.

We also share our values with customers. If they ever experience a time when these values are not being followed, we want to be notified so we can resolve the issue immediately.

Our values make it easy to guide our everyday decisions for our workforce. If something is outside the realm of our values, or our vision, we know it is not the right time, or the best way to guide our business.