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One Person, One Gift at a Time

If you have the chance to get to know the employees of Alexandria Inheartdustries, you will recognize the one thing that is overwhelmingly important to them –their compassion. To them, it doesn’t matter if it’s a colleague who’s running a fundraiser, volunteering for a non-profit, or lending a hand to a stranger in our community who needs help, we truly appreciate that our employees do what they can to make a difference in their circle of life.

This is not something new. Since 1966, our employees have been doing amazing things. Many of them volunteer their time and talents, whether at their local school or church, or by being a volunteer firefighter or EMT. We truly appreciate the love and kindness they so willingly share with others.

To show them exactly how much we appreciate their gifts, Alexandria Industries will soon launch an employee volunteering time policy. Our goal is to spread even further the passion of volunteering within our growing family.