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Striving to Improve

As a team, we can accomplish many great things. But it is the role of each person that brings value to the work we do at Alexandria Industries. This is what makes us who we are as a company today. One by one, day by day, we continuously strive to improve Alexandria Industries!

Todd and his team manage the integration of automation technology into our manufacturing processes. Since we welcomed our first robot, Rosie, in 2001, we have added 10 new robotic systems, including three Universal robots that can mimic a human’s range of motion and control. We also have two additional Universal robots on order. Having robotics makes for happier workers because they can spend time running programs and problem solving versus simply loading parts. Robotics has increased opportunities for our employees, allowing them to grow as machinists and engineers, and increase their value and job satisfaction.

Michelle and her team have revamped our employee orientation program to provide new employees with the tools they need to kick-start a successful and rewarding career at Alexandria Industries. New employees receive 40 hours of hands-on, production-floor training and 10 hours of classroom training with volunteer instructors. Production-floor training includes safety training, work expectations, and our vision and values. Classroom training covers confidentiality, servant leadership, QRM and 6S, quality management system, physical characteristics, manufacturing orders, blueprints, and measuring devices.

While we have struggled with using disparate manufacturing processes and practices across facilities, Rydell and his team developed and manage an exchange program where we swap employees between facilities to create personalized learning opportunities. The exchange program helps ensure our systems are consistent across facilities, while employees are learning new processes and techniques. Now we can do things the same way and easily share the workload to help alleviate capacity issues at some of our locations. Employees have benefited from being able to visit our other locations by putting faces to names and voices, getting to know their colleagues personally, and feeling a part of something bigger than themselves.

Rick and his team are working on a 38,000 square-foot building expansion at our Alexandria facility. The addition will include much needed room for machining and manufacturing space, along with new loading dock bays, drive-in doors for deliveries. We anticipate that we will complete the facility expansion in May 2016.


Adam and his team of engineers, machinists and tool builders are closely working together to build additional “Automators” that will allow us to continue to support the growing product demand from our customers. The proprietary machining technology allows us to machine long lineal extrusions accurately and much more efficiently. The new machines are targeted for completion in early 2016, providing much needed capacity for our customers’ growing needs.

Deb and her human resources team are thinking beyond traditional recruiting techniques to bring in sought-after employees that can help us meet the current and future needs of our customers. We are looking for skilled and trainable employees who also exemplify our core values – Integrity, Faith, Mutual Respect, Commitment to Excellence and Employee Well-Being. We recently announced a new benefit where Alexandria Industries will pay 100% of the tuition costs for all employees pursuing education in the machining technology or job-related fields. Our HR team has brought on nearly 80 new employees so far this year.

Our IT systems integration team, lead by Jeff, has completed a large system integration project where they move data from our Indianapolis facility to our primary Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system in Alexandria. They have trained the employees who are adjusting well. They will do this again soon for our Carrollton, Texas, colleagues. By integrating all of our customer data into a single system, we will be better able to serve our customers in the same manner, regardless of the facility. The CRM system will also provide us with information that our leadership can use to make decisions to meet the future needs of our customers.

All of these individuals and teams are working diligently together to make improvements in many areas at Alexandria Industries that will benefit our current and future customers!