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The Life of Dies

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At Alexandria Industries, we rely on our die shop team to take great care of your die tools. With a combined total of more than 200 years of experience in die correction, our 14 die shop team members work tirelessly to retain the latest skills to keep your dies running accurately and smoothly. Part of the team's training includes attending the Aluminum Extruders Council Die Performance Clinics, where they join other die builders, extrusion operators, die correctors, and engineers from around the U.S. to share information, insights and tips on:

  • Die design
  • Metal flow
  • Surface finish
  • Evolution of die making/impact on die correction
  • External factors
  • Die design and correction
  • Flat bearings and polishing
  • Multi-void hollows
  • Pocket flow/die correction

Ongoing training is just one way the team continues to be on top of their game. Our die shop team covers five work shifts, operating 24/7 to ensure your dies are properly prepped and ready to make product when you are. We do not share die tools among customers. We use your die tools – including the supporting bolsters and backers – to extrude only your products.

Alexandria Industries Die Shop

Alexandria Industries' in-house die shop works closely with customers to ensure their dies are properly prepared for the aluminum extrusion process.

Our die team uses advanced quality measurement tools including a SmartScope vision system and coordinate measuring machine to ensure your die dimensions are exact. We track the extrusion data trends and make die corrections when critical-to-function areas begin to fall out of spec. We may also bathe your dies in a proprietary solution for up to 24 hours to remove any debris generated from the extrusion process.

While the average life of a die will vary depending on its shape, we use the latest tools, technology and skills to get the most usage out of your dies. Some dies with thinner walls wear faster, but we have known of some dies that have extruded nearly one million pounds of aluminum – a virtually unheard of accomplishment!

The service our die team provides, which is unheard of within our industry, is another reason Alexandria Industries is able to keep producing quality products.